Selling Your Home

 Over the years I have distilled what I think a good Realtor does for their clients. Honesty and professionalism is a given for anyone doing my line of work, we must dig deeper than this. 

I am a personal sale-manager, your Real Estate Concierge. I manage the selling experience.

I believe you want someone who: 
1. Will guide you through the countless checkpoints of selling a home
2. Knows the territory you'll be covering through personal experience
3. Can anticipate your needs before they are needed
4. Is aligned with trusted marketing professionals
5. Has the experience to guide you safely around the industry's pitfalls and traps
6. Can convey the difference between activities that deliver true sale results and real estate fluff  
7. Can deliver the best possible price and terms at the end of the day

I truly am in the service industry and my role is to manage the house selling experience for you. That said, it is my hope you'll find my approach fun and light hearted. I really do enjoy my work and I like to have fun doing it. I don't take myself very serious. 

Selling your home in six stages:
1. Establish value- We look at recent sales, active listings, and your time-line to determine your list price and probable sale price range. The list price is up to you, I simply provide the data and some strategy ideas.
2. Prepare your home- Often clients will have me over for a walk-through. Is there anything we could do to yield a better price or a faster sale? 
3. Picture Day- Photographers and the measuring service come do their thing. 
4. Active on MLS- Submit your listing to MLS and prepare for our first showing.
5. Review feedback- I strive to get feedback for all our showings and share with you.
6. Offer Review- Lets review the offers together. Price, dates, deposit, and sale terms is what it's all about.

Be sure to reach out so I can send you my Pre-Selling Checklist 

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