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Surely you know selling real estate isn’t rocket science. Yes market knowledge and skills play a crucial role but these things are tools the realtor uses, they are learned over time.

The core principles of the Realtor was founded back in 1916. They were relationship builders. Relationships built with clients and relationships built with other realtors who had their own clients. The realtors met, shared information and properties sold. 

It only takes one buyer to buy your home, that buyer will see it on MLS or wherever, but no buying decision will happen until they trust it’s the right move.

I believe in the following:

  • -No strings attached guarantee, if you’re not happy, you can have your listing back 
  • -A fair real estate commission structure
  • -Regular contact and updates by me not my assistant
  • -Professional real estate photography and virtual tour promotion
  • -Strategic market positioning
  • -Strong online presence
  • -Sale posibilities through networking my peers
  • -Out of the box thinking as it applies to the question “how is your property unique from the rest?”
I have more info to share as it applies to marketing and selling homes. Please consider me for an interview. I think we both share something in common...

We both want to work with people we resonate with.