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Before you buy a home you must hunt for one. To me the house hunting process is where all the aspects of finding the right home have been broken down into bite size pieces that you can easily manage. Nobody wants to feel rushed and everyone wants choices so let’s structure this accordingly.

After seeing the homes available in your prices range, it’s a process of elimination, which leaves you with two choices:

  1. Buy the home that fits your needs within your budget
  2. Wait for the market to reload. The home you want isn’t listed yet

The above two choices won’t be hard for you, you’ll know what feels right.

But let’s back up a bit... As simple as this may be to me, you may have circumstances unique to you and you want a realtor that can customize their approach. I understand this, over the years I have found everyone has a slightly different way of approaching house hunting and I have different ways of customizing the process for clients but thankfully there is a recipe we can follow .

The house hunting process can be broken down into these steps:

  1. Meet with me to sort out details and review your plan
  2. Getting pre approved for a mortgage
  3. Start touring homes that meet your search criteria and budget
  4. Reduce your favourites to a short list
  5. Tour the short listed homes a second time
  6. Make an offer or wait for the market to reload
  7. If offer is accepted, review a home inspection report and complete any due diligence
  8. Commit to the offer by removing conditions, I collect your deposit cheque
  9. Go to the lawyer/notary’s office to sign papers
  10. I meet you at the home to deliver keys

These are the 10 steps that lead to the new chapter of your life. As we work through the process I’ll be there as your trusty sidekick pointing out your options and preparing you for what’s next. I often feel like a safari guide!

How do you begin? If any of this resonates with you then give me a ring and I’ll point you in the right direction, one thing will lead to the next.