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I grew up in Langley, aside from a short five year stint as a commercial pilot I’ve been selling real estate my entire adult life. Real estate is in my blood by now and I’m enjoying the work more than ever, now that I’m getting a little greyer.

In the next couple of years I will have sold my 800th home.

I’ve got the industry awards listed below and I’m proud of them but I don’t put too much stock in those things because trophies and plaques don’t get me work, they only communicate experience. Of course experience is huge for the person looking to buy/sell  their largest investment but what good is hiring a person with experience if you’re treated like a number?

Getting close to 20 years in the business I’m lucky that I’m supported by my repeat and referral business. I don’t need bus benches or expensive ad campaigns. Thankfully that’s behind me as I cultivate the relationships I’ve made over the years. Any business owner will tell you the biggest challenge they have is attracting new business. It’s expensive and time consuming. So as I embark on my veteran years as a realtor I’ve adopted a few rules to live by:

My awards and credentials:

My interests go far beyond real estate. My passion is art, I enjoy painting small studies on location or large works in studio. You can see my work in a couple fine art Galleries locally.

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I love the outdoors, ATVing, camping, paddling, RC aircraft, travel and anything new

I’m a father of two girls and I’m married to a wonderful supporting wife, Melissa. We live in Murrayville where I have a detached office, art studio and shop. There is always a cold beer or glass of wine ready so we can talk about real estate, art or the next adventure!